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There are many events and manifestations that occur in or pass through our region throughout the year, here are some of the major ones :-


- Giro d'Italia, normally one of the stages starts or ends in this area;

- Mille Miglia, following the route (Brescia - Rome round trip) of the original endurance race this classic car race passes through our area each year;

- Running of the Candles, Gubbio - On 15 May each year, decked with banners and colorful tapestries, Gubbio celebrates its Patron, Saint Ubaldo, with one of the oldest folklore events in Italy: the Race of the Candles;


- Infiorata Spello, The normally peaceful town of Spello is transformed into wonderland of flowers like none other. The streets are literally carpeted with flower petals of every imaginable color both found in nature and dyed. The day before the feast, the groups layout their designs (line drawings on large paper sheets) in the centre of major streets and, within their tarp-covered tunnels, work throughout the night creating the most elaborate designs. Some are purely geometrical and others are wonderful depictions of Biblical themes (think Noah’s Arc, doves, Popes, and Jesus in lots of positions. All are amazingly detailed and the result of an extraordinary amount of time and talent.


- Umbria Jazz, Perugia Umbria Jazz is one of the most popular jazz festival in the world taking place in Perugia. 

The first edition was held in 1973 and every year, in July, it hosts concerts of Italian and foreigner famous jazz players. In the last years it also opened its doors to the leading figures of other musical genres. 

The wide appeal of the event attracts people and crowds the main squares and streets creating an evocative atmosphere, especially in piazza IV Novembre where the Fontana Maggiore, the historic centre main fountain, and the other monuments are the background of the musical show.


- Umbria Film Festival , for a week in July visitors to Montone can enjoy short and feature length film screenings in the central piazza.  The patron of the festival is Terry Gilliam and each year actors and directors are invited to receive the keys to the town of Montone, notable recent recipients being Bill Nighy and Ralph Fiennes.


- Every third week of August, Montone celebrates when Carlo Fortebraccio, son of Andrea the famous Braccio, gave the “Sacred Thorn” (a thorn from Christ’s crown that was brought back to Venice by crusaders) to his native town in 1473. During this event, Montone’s three ancient districts compete in a Palio (traditional bareback horse race), the village is filled with medieval and renaissance historical re-enactments and the evenings are enlivened with music, plays and taverns.


- Fratta dell'Ottocento - One of the most important festivals in Umbertide takes place in the month of September and is called the “Fratta dell’800′. It involves the historical reconstruction of events, shows and cooking of the XIXth century, and takes place every year in the old town. This festival is to commemorate the annexation of Umbertide to the Reign of Italy.


Eurochocolate - Eurochocolate is a festival entirely dedicated to the Italian and international chocolate tradition, which every year hosts a large number of chocolate producers, who sell their products in special stands in the old town centre of Perugia.


- Festa del bosco, Montone, running over four days this festival celebrates Autumn and the seasonal produce as well as artisan crafts from the region. 

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